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In the News

Alley Cat Allies weighs in on cats and the environment in the news and around the country.  


  • Alley Cat Allies Response to US Fish & Wildlife’s Dangerous Plan for the Florida Keys
    The February 2011 US Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) dangerous draft environmental assessment weighs the lives of select species against others in the Florida Keys—and would result in cats’ deaths. As animal advocates, we must defend the best interests of all animals equally.
    Read Alley Cat Allies’ comments.
    Read the press release.
  • These Stats are for the Birds
    The rather tired—very bogus—debate about cats outdoors appeared in the September 30, 2010 “Home” section of the Washington Post. Let’s be unequivocally clear—the number one threat to birds is people. And, there is no credible evidence to show cats have any significant impact on bird populations. As animal advocates, we want what’s in the best interest of all animals, including birds. That means protecting animals—all animals—from being killed. 
    Read the Letter to the Editor.