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Fast Facts

These materials on feral cats, the science supporting Trap-Neuter-Return, cat biology, history, and ecology are all based on a rigorous evaluation of the most up-to-date scientific research available.


Cats and Environment Resources

Scientifically backed fact sheets on topics ranging from the biology and behavior of the cat to the impact people have on the environment. These resources will help you talk to others when cats’ lives are threatened with misinformation about the role of cats in the ecosystem and stop the continuation of cruel, costly policies toward cats.

  • Humans: The Number One Threat to Wildlife - Leading biologists, climate scientists, and environmental watchdogs all agree—humans’ own impact on the environment is without a doubt the number one cause of species loss.
  • Biology and Behavior of the Cat - Science clears cats of blame for impacting wildlife populations—studies prove that cats are not a significant threat and that they actually play important roles in balancing the local ecosystem
  • Natural History of the Cat - Understanding cats’ place in history and human evolution reveals how very recently domestic cats came indoors and how millions of this species—feral cats—continue to live healthy lives outdoors today, as all domestic cats are biologically adapted to do
  • Federal Laws that Protect Bird Species - Congress determined federal laws protecting bird species were necessary because destructive human activities are the real threat to American wildlife.
  • The Vacuum Effect – Why Catch and Kill Doesn’t Work - Removing cats from an area by killing or relocating them is not only cruel—it’s pointless. Scientific research, years of failed attempts, and evidence from animal control personnel prove that catch and kill doesn’t permanently clear an area of cats
  • Animal v. Animals: A False Choice – An article in the American Bar Association Animal Law Committee Newsletter.
  • Save the Birds – In recent years, some people have misguidedly blamed cats for declining bird populations, but it is’nt the relationship between cats and birds that has changed—it’s the relationship between humans and the environment.