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September Edition

Thanks to the support of loyal donors like you, we've been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and successes:

Turning Humane Policies into Effective Programs
Workshop presenter

This month, we’ve been on the ground in two communities where we helped local advocates make TNR official policy—Wake County, North Carolina, and Laurel, Maryland—showing them ways to put their new policies into practice. To get the ball rolling on the new TNR ordinance that we helped author in Wake County, our staff held workshops there to educate county staff on encouraging residents to neuter cats and use the resources of local TNR groups. In Laurel, where we explained the benefits of TNR to the Mayor and many other residents at a packed community meeting last winter, we helped kick off their new community TNR program. It’s so rewarding to be part of the positive and humane change these communities have made for cats.

Learn more about holding a workshop in your community.

Adoptable Cats: Pippa & Henry
Adoptable Cats: Pippa and Henry

When you hear Pippa’s purr coming from your couch, you’ll look around for a big old tomcat, but it’s just this tiny brown tabby kitten and her sweet, loveable brother, Henry. These five-month-old siblings are inseparable, but pint-sized Pippa definitely runs the show, leading the way with her playful attitude and robust rumblings. Loyal big brother Henry follows her everywhere, his wide green eyes and white paws bobbing along behind his solid tabby sister. Contact us about how you can add this pair to your family.

Read more about our adoptable cats.

Our Inspiring National Feral Cat Day® Award Winners
National Feral Cat Day 2012 Logo

On August 31, we announced the recipients of our Community Impact Awards. We were thrilled by the innovation so many organizations demonstrated to change their communities for cats this National Feral Cat Day®. Like Carson Tahoe SPCA in Nevada, which will use the award to work with a correctional facility to care for TNR'd cats. Or Little Animal Charity’s “Docs on the Block” program in Colorado, which connects veterinarians with residents in low-income areas through a partnership with the local housing authority. The committee set out to select 22 winners. In the end, we just couldn’t narrow the winners to just 22 —so we extended the amount of funding by $8,000 to award $500 each to 16 additional groups. We’re so excited and inspired by our 38 amazing winners and all the cats that will be helped with our support.

See our list of award winners.
Register your own National Feral Cat Day® event.

Alley Cat Allies Webinar: Help Cats in Your Community
Calico cat

Do you want to make a difference in cats’ lives? Join us on September 27 at 7:30 p.m. online to learn the basics of Trap-Neuter-Return with our free Helping Cats in Your Community webinar. In this 45-minute online demonstration, you’ll learn directly from our expert staff about feral cats, how you can start doing Trap-Neuter-Return yourself, and how you can improve cats’ lives.

Register for the webinar.

Best Bedding: How to Tell the Difference between Straw and Hay
Barn cat with a straw bale

Believe it or not, it’s already that time of year when our National Cat Help Desk receives calls about winter cat care. One of the best ways to assist outdoor cats during cold months? Provide shelters lined with straw to keep them dry. While hay may seem like a good substitute, it’s a bad choice for shelter bedding because it retains moisture. If you’re more of a city cat than a barn cat, how do you tell the difference between hay and straw? Check out our new tips below to find out.

Learn the difference.

Cats Keep Us Happy—and Healthy!
Yellow cat outdoors

An article on recently reinforced what many cat owners have already figured out about our kitty companions: cats are good for you! The author notes decreased rates of certain types of cancer and respiratory illnesses among people living with cats, as well as the mental health benefits of our favorite stress-relievers. This summer we’ve combatted hyped-up headlines and misinformation in the media about cats and public health, so it was refreshing to see this media outlet taking a responsible approach to their reporting about cats and health.

Read the article.
Get the facts about cats and public health.

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