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July Edition

Thanks to the support of loyal donors like you, we've been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and successes:

Alley Cat Allies Takes Emergency Action
Grey and White Cat in the Woods

While we help people care for cats all over the country, one emergency situation in Fredericksburg, Virginia, recently required our hands-on help. After a local news outlet ran a story about residents who were overwhelmed by trying to care for a very large colony, we offered assistance and expertise. Soon we were on the ground assessing the situation and providing food and water for the cats. Now we're working with Virginia Kincheloe Spay/Neuter Clinic on a targeted TNR effort and talking with officials about putting a sustainable program in place.
Learn more about targeted trapping efforts.

Carrying On Humane Care
Black and White Cat on a Path

At the end of May, we held a two-week Spay-a-Thon and neutered more than 100 cats in Canton, Ohio. Now, we’re excited to report that the Stark County Humane Society is picking up where we left off with “Wild Cat Wednesdays.” Every Wednesday, two local groups now trap feral cats and bring them in to the clinic for free spay/neuter. This pilot program will continue to help cats all over the county. We’re so excited to see local advocates carrying on this important work!
Find spay/neuter clinic tools.

Adoptable Cats: Tea for Two with Earl Grey and Biscuit
Adoptable Cats: Earl Grey and Biscuit

These cuddly two-month-old kittens would love to join you for tea. Black-and-white Biscuit is the life of the tea party; this curious adventurer loves pouncing on toys and investigating whatever you’re up to. Refined kitty Earl Grey is a pint-sized gentleman. A bit more reserved, he prefers to sit back and watch his brother’s antics or snuggle up for you to pet his unique black-and-gray coat. Is there room for this pair at your tea table?
Read more about our adoptable cats.

Taking a Gamble on Revel

While construction on the Revel Atlantic City casino was stalled for a few years, a gorgeous longhair calico cat moved into the machine room in one of the buildings. Employees fed this beautiful, bold feline and nicknamed her Revel. When Revel found her way out onto a rooftop and got stranded, our Atlantic City staff was called in to help, but this wily cat had even more surprises in store.
Read Revel's Story.

Oklahoma City's Lifesaving Ordinance
Grey eartipped cat in the grass

For cats to be truly protected, local governments need to work with local groups to do the right thing—which is exactly what’s happening under a lifesaving new law in Oklahoma City. Since 2007, Central Oklahoma Humane Society has been doing TNR in their community. Last month, we urged our local supporters to promote an ordinance that would create an official TNR program for the city, run by Oklahoma Humane in partnership with Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division. The ordinance passed; now, feral cats trapped and brought to the municipal shelter will be picked up by Oklahoma Humane for TNR!
Learn more about your local ordinances.

A School Project Helps Us Protect Cats
Calitabby close up

Every donation helps us continue protecting cats. This month, we were able to keep up our important work in part thanks to Laurel, a six-grader from Tennessee. For a school project, Laurel raised and donated $50 to Alley Cat Allies. Laurel loves all cats, especially her own cat, Thomas, who greets her when she gets home from school. But after seeing cats outdoors, she decided to raise money for Alley Cat Allies “knowing that my money would help feral cats.” It’s the compassion and generosity of people of all ages that allows us to keep doing what we do every day.
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New Resources

DC CAT Case Study – Get inspired for National Feral Cat Day® 2012 with the story of how we made Washington, DC a safe place for cats.
Community Impact Awards – Apply for a $1000 award on behalf of your organization to make real change for cats this National Feral Cat Day®.
WEBINAR: Helping Cats in Your Community – Register for our exciting new TNR basics webinar for a refresher before your National Feral Cat Day® trapping efforts.

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