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Third Week

By the third week, you can clearly determine if the kittens are boys or girls. (All three of these kittens are girls.) Callie, Penguin, and Ruby’s teeth are coming in and their walking is becoming more confident.

15 days

Even at this age, the kittens still spend a substantial part of their day sleeping.

16 days

The kittens are just beginning to play and develop their fine motor skills.

20 days

Kittens this age can start to eliminate waste on their own, without the help of mom or a caregiver. Now that the kittens have reached this milestone, it’s time to start litter box training.

Three weeks old

They kittens are drinking much more at each feeding, but at fewer feedings, probably four to five times a day. And, they can begin to be supplemented with solid food; you can now begin to introduce solid food—wet food at first. By the end of the week, their weight will have increased to close to 15 ounces. They are walking steadily, without too much wobbling.

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