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The Humane Approach for Feral Cats in Monessen, Pennsylvania

Beautiful, Healthy Monessen CatsAlley Cat Allies supports Trap-Neuter-Return—in Monessen, Pennsylvania and everywhere—because it is the only effective and humane approach for feral cats.

In Monessen, outdoor cats are being trapped and killed by the city under a new ordinance that they adopted. Alley Cat Allies is working with local groups and citizens to stop this practice and convince the town’s mayor to adopt the humane approach for feral cats.

Feral cats have lived among people for 10,000 years, thriving in every landscape, from urban to rural—they survive on their own and have for centuries.

Groups including PETA make false claims that feral cats “suffer” outdoors. But, scientific studies show that feral cats are just as healthy as pet cats and have the same lifespans as pet cats. They live healthy, natural lives on their own, content in their outdoor home. The feral cats in Monessen are no different, and are leading healthy lives.

PETA’s own materials say that “euthanasia…may be the only way to ensure that feral cats have a peaceful release from an uncaring, dangerous world that is likely to doom them to short lives and traumatic deaths.”

The facts are, the cats of Monessen are not facing an uncaring, dangerous world. Instead, they have dozens of people who want to improve their lives and ensure that they have their most essential right upheld—the right to live. The danger they are facing is from the deadly ordinance supported by the city.

The traditional animal control response to feral cats is “catch and kill,” a cruel and very costly approach. It is also an utter failure, thanks to a documented phenomenon known as the "vacuum effect." Municipalities engaged in any type of catch and kill efforts are fighting a cruel, endless, losing battle against nature that is a gross waste of taxpayer dollars.

Trap-Neuter-Return is the only response to feral cats that avoids the vacuum effect. Trap-Neuter-Return ends the breeding cycle and stabilizes the population—no more kittens. Without the strains of mating behavior and pregnancy and associated behaviors such as yowling and fighting, the cats’ health improves—as do their relationships with their human neighbors.

Trap-Neuter-Return is a win for the cats and the community, and that is why so many cities across the country have adopted the program in place of cruel, costly and pointless catch and kill. Trap-Neuter-Return is the future; catch and kill is the past.

This makes groups like PETA—reportedly actively trying to help the city of Monessen kill cats—so out of step with the community. Americans want compassionate and humane programs for cats, not more killing.