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Case Studies

Alley Cat Allies Establishes Trap-Neuter-Return Program on Atlantic City's Boardwalk; Boardwalk Cats Project is Born

No one knows when the feral cats first appeared on Atlantic City’s Boardwalk. For years, they coexisted with residents, mingled with tourists, and were generally tolerated by city officials. So when animal control ordered that the Boardwalk cats be trapped and killed in 2000, Alley Cat Allies stepped in to save them—and their longstanding relationship with the city and its visitors.
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Baltimore Trap-Neuter-Return Ordinance

In 2007, the City of Baltimore enacted into law one of the country’s best ordinances supporting Trap-Neuter-Return and feral cats. Alley Cat Allies and a broad coalition of local residents and humane organizations—including caregivers, public health officials, and animal shelters–worked together over a period of years to build citywide support for Trap-Neuter-Return.
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Alley Cat Allies "Truth" Campaign Exposes the Fate of Cats Caught by Animal Control

In 2007, Alley Cat Allies became deeply involved in leading efforts to expose the tragic consequences of taking at stray cat to a pound or shelter. That year's National Feral Cat Day campaign lifted the veil of secrecy surrounding the animal control and sheltering system.
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Alley Cat Allies Stops Deadly Plan for Cats in Virginia Community
Educates and Mediates Neighbor and Management Concerns

When a residential management company hired a pest-control service to trap and kill a colony of cats living in a Northern Virginia manufactured-home community called the Meadows of Chantilly, Alley Cat Allies stepped in and convinced the company to adopt a plan that would humanely address residents' concerns while sparing the cats lives.
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Alley Cat Allies Helps Washington, D.C. Establish Humane Cat Programs
Encourages City to Embrace Trap-Neuter-Return

Before 2004, residents of Washington, D.C. who sought assistance with stray and feral cats by calling animal control services often found their calls resulted in cats being trapped and taken to the shelter to be killed.
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Alley Cat Allies' Expertise Saves Cats at the Army Navy Club
Club Expresses Appreciation, Reverses "Trap and Remove" Plan

When officials at the Army Navy Country Club of Arlington, Virginia, were looking for answers to some members' concerns about a colony of cats living on the property, they turned to Alley Cat Allies for help.
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Alley Cat Allies Saves Cats' Lives at Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Successful Publicity Campaign Ends Killing, Wins Shipyard's Support

In July 2000, Alley Cat Allies learned that officials at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, Virginia had banned a local longtime caregiver from feeding and providing veterinary care for cats living at the shipyard.
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