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The Cat-alyst Society—Agents for Change

Alley Cat Allies Cat-alyst Society is a group of very special—and especially compassionate—Alley Cat Allies supporters. These are women and men and families who are so committed to protecting cats in every geographic location that they have committed to make a small donation each month to ensure that Alley Cat Allies has a stable, dependable source of funds.

Their friendship and support provide Alley Cat Allies with the resources we need to fight the shelter system’s needless “euthanasia”…answer calls to our National Cat Help Desk…and reach out to connect people all across the country who love cats and believe every animal has the right to live.

Because of their dedication, Alley Cat Allies has funds we can count on through good times and bad. Money that’s there month after month to meet emergency requests for help—like how to combat unexpected bans on feeding cats, or changes in local ordinances that result in trapping, impounding, and killing cats found outdoors.

These special supporters literally enable us to improve cats’ lives. And because they allow us to create positive change, we have named this special group of change agents “The Cat-alyst Society.”

There is one more important thing our Cat-alysts do for cats: because their regular donations are made by credit card or by automatic transmission of funds from their checking account, they reduce the money Alley Cat Allies must spend to process donations. Literally, they enable us to squeeze more benefit out of every dollar they contribute to protect the cats.

Won’t you join this special group of change agents for the cats? Become a Cat-alyst today!

Benefits of Being a “Change Agent”

  • Your support enables Alley Cat Allies to devote more time and resources to saving the lives of cats
  • You’ll save time, postage, and checks when you make an automatic monthly or quarterly gift.
  • No postal delays—your donation will go to work immediately.
  • You’ll always have a record of your donation on your bank or credit card statement.
  • You can control your donations. You can cancel or change the amount of your donation at any time.
  • You’ll still receive your quarterly newsletter.
  • And, most important of all … you will make it possible for Alley Cat Allies to both plan ahead for our regular grassroots activity—and turn on a dime to help when emergencies arise.

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