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New Year, New Home Adoption Event

It’s a new year – so why not a new home? Get 2013 off to a great start by giving a forever home to one of Alley Cat Allies’ adorable and adoptable cats and kittens! Each of these furry felines is looking for a loving family just like yours. Won’t you help make their wish for a new home in the New Year come true?

Contact us at or call toll free 866-271-5534 to learn more.


“A Black Cat Affair”

Meet Jossie! Dazzling and vibrant, this 7-month-old kitten is so stunning you’ll never want to take your eyes off her! Jossie is a lady of style, sophistication, and intrigue. With a curious nose, this kitten loves to explore. And while she has a posh exterior, Jossie is certainly not too refined for playtime with her favorite furry confidante, Addie. Though shy at first, after a good belly rub, Jossie is sure to be your friend for life. Bring home this elegant feline today! And if you’re looking to add even more glamour to your family, don’t forget to take a look at her friend Addie, too.

Meet Addie! A true socialite, Addie is a little gal that is sure to be a favorite in any social circle – people, cats, you name it! With a chic all-black coat, this adorable 4-month-old kitten is as outgoing and rambunctious as they come. When she’s not engaged in playtime with her best friend Jossie or seen about town with her favorite accessory – her stuffed catnip banana – Addie can be found curled up on your lap or cuddling next to you on the couch. This sweet kitten is the life of the party – will you invite her to yours? And if you’re looking for a dynamic duo, be sure to check out Jossie, too!

Meet Lotus! At 3-years-old, Lotus is among the most polished and cultured of felines. Warm and affectionate, this gorgeous gal’s prestige comes from her loving nature. You’ll adore petting her always-in-style, striking black fur, and this beautiful kitty will never let your lap grow cold. Though she had a rough start at life and needs a little extra TLC since she is FeLV+, you won’t find a more charming and fabulous furry friend. Add Lotus to your family today!

Meet Scooter! A true “Golden Girl”, Scooter is a charming 8-year-old feline looking to share a forever home with a loving roommate! Having recently lost her beloved human companion, Scooter may be shy at first, but with a little encouragement and patience, this gal is sure to fill your home with joy. Scooter is a cat aged to perfection who has kept her ever-playful spirit throughout the years. Scooter has grown fond of spending her days lounging quietly about the house and she especially enjoys the company of other refined felines. In search of a new roommate, companion, or forever friend – look no further than Scooter!

“Two of a Kind”

Meet Norman and Charlie! These dynamic tabby guys are a truly perfect pair. Sharing stripes, a love for belly rubs, and the friendliest of personalities, Norman and Charlie are long-time best buds who recently lost their owner and are looking for a new forever home. At about 9-years-old, Norman is the most active of the duo. Often engaging in a game of hide and seek, showing off his luxuriously long tail, or just hanging out with you, this feline’s love of people and dog-like qualities make him an ideal companion! At 10-years-old, Norman’s pal, Charlie, though just as affectionate and social, is the laid-back intellectual. Taking leisurely naps in his favorite armchair, relaxing on top of the radiator on a cold day, or enjoying the lavish treat of a heated cat bed, he can’t wait to purr the day away by your side. These guys have lived together their entire lives, and we would like them to be adopted together. This twosome is the total package – take them home today!