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These materials on feral cats, the science supporting Trap-Neuter-Return, cat biology, history, and ecology are all based on a rigorous evaluation of the most up-to-date scientific research available.


Cats & the Environment Resource Center

Cats have lived outdoors for more than 10,000 years—they are a natural part of the landscape. Today, they live healthy lives outdoors and play important roles in the ecosystem—as they did thousands of years ago and as all domestic cats are biologically adapted to do. What has changed in that time is how people have re-shaped the environment to suit our needs, at a great cost to the other species that share our ecosystem.

The tools in this center will help you advocate on behalf of cats and understand the implications behind calls for cats to be “removed” from the environment—and killed.

Cats and Environment Resources - Setting the Record Straight
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Cats and Environment Resources

Scientifically-backed fact sheets on topics ranging from the biology and behavior of the cat to the impact people have on the environment.
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Setting the Record Straight

In these fact sheets and articles, Alley Cat Allies exposes the truth behind flawed reports and publications used to threaten cats’ lives.
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In the News

Alley Cat Allies weighs in on cats and the environment in the news and around the country.
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Press Releases

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