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12 Days of Kittens Holiday Adoption Event

Alley Cat Allies is proud to announce our 12 Days of Kittens! Meet Alley Cat Allies’ adorable and adoptable felines, each looking for a loving, forever home. And just in time for the holidays, you can bring home two cats or kittens for one adoption fee!

Contact us at or call toll free 866-271-5534 to learn more.


Meet India! Whether it’s pouncing on a toy mouse, batting around a shiny ball, or chasing after a furry buddy, this sweet tabby kitten loves to play. At about four months old and full of energy, India is a true social butterfly, enjoying the company of other cats – and even dogs! She has yet to meet a playmate she doesn’t like. India is especially fond of playing with her siblings Edan and Hobbs, who are also up for adoption, so be sure to check them out, too (especially with our “two for one” adoption special)! This fun-loving kitten is in need of a forever home – could it be yours?

Meet Hobbs! Much like another famous orange tabby, this kitten is full of personality. Confident, boisterous, and energetic, Hobbs loves attention and will do just about anything for a good playtime! Though he often prefers the company of his other orange confidants, Crush and Jolt, Hobbs is as friendly as they come. Around four months old, Hobbs is always looking for a friend to play with and it could be you! Thinking about becoming a Calvin to this Hobbs? Contact us to adopt him today!

Meet Edan! Ditching his former shy ways, Edan has come out of his shell and isn’t looking back. Super confident and full of energy, this little dude loves to play with just about anything – fuzzy toys, shoe strings, you name it! Edan, like his siblings India and Hobbs, is a four-month-old kitten who is just waiting to brighten up your day with his warm and fuzzy charm. Do you have a home for this bundle of fun? And with our “two for one” adoption special, be sure to check out India and Hobbs, too!

Meet Nolan & Ryan! Nolan and Ryan are sure to be a grand slam with your family! Named after the famous baseball player, this 6-month-old guy and 5-month-old gal are completely inseparable. Though they are not related, these best friends will do just about anything together – from chowing down, to tumbling around the house, and even curling up for a long nap. This duo would make a perfect addition to your starting line-up. Add them to your team today!

Meet Action Jackson! Running, leaping, and bounding after toys of any kind, playtime with this Jackson is fast paced and action packed. That’s how he got his nickname: “Action” Jackson. When this speedy eight-month-old gets going, all you’ll see is a blur, but once he’s curled up for a nap, you can fully appreciate his gorgeous gray-and-white coat. Jackson welcomes all playmates and he can’t wait to make new friends in his forever home. Do you have a home for Action Jackson?

Meet Indie! Like his namesake, Indiana Jones, or “Indie”, is always ready to explore! At 7 months old, Indie certainly has an inquisitive nose, but he’s never too busy to stop and play with his favorite friends – cats and people included! And while he’s not searching for ancient artifacts or chasing after a fuzzy toy, this loveable little dude can be found nuzzling at your feet or curling up on your lap for a quick snooze. This adorable kitten is ready for an adventure in a new and forever home – how about yours?

Meet Fonzie and Richie! You’ll be sure to have nothing but “Happy Days” when you add these two adorable kittens to your family! 8-month-old brothers, Fonize and Richie, are the coolest cats in town. Playful and lively, these little guys are always on the move together, and very happily enjoy the company of other frisky felines. Though they’re often the life of the party, this pair is just as content napping on a warm lap or curling up next to you on the sofa. Sunday, Monday, any day – Fonzie and Richie are ready for a forever home with you!

Meet Cricket! Known for springing, leaping, and climbing to great heights, this 6-month-old is a little gal who loves to play! When Cricket is not scampering around the house or peering down at you from atop a tall cabinet, you can find her bounding after her favorite playmate and brother, Mouse. Spirited and friendly, Cricket is sure to “chirp” her way into your heart! Do you have room for this fun and adorable feline?

Meet Mouse! Don’t be fooled by the name of this little guy. While Mouse shares similar coloring as his namesake, this sweet kitten is anything but “mousy”. In fact, this social 6-month-old is quite the chatterbox! Though he is boisterous and lively, especially when enjoying playtime with his sister, Cricket, Mouse is always eager for some quiet snuggle time with a new friend. This animated kitten is ready to meet his cuddle buddy. Is it you? And with our “two for one” adoption special, don’t forget to check out Cricket, too!

Meet Cole Hamels! There’s no bigger “All-Star” this holiday season than this adorable 6-month-old kitten! Named for the Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, Cole Hamels is a true team player with a fondness for other furry felines. Cole may be bashful at first, but he certainly isn’t shy when it comes to playtime. And you’re sure to make a forever friend once you stop to pet this sweet little guy’s beautiful black coat. You don’t want to miss out on this MVP – bring him home today!

Meet Sparks and Tinder! These nine week old kittens are best friends and brothers, and are simply adorable. Sparks and Tinder are typical kittens: play hard, then nap hard. Dashing from place to place, one right after the other, you can find this fluffy white pair engaged in a playful chase or lugging around their favorite toy mouse. And after a good play session, these little guys love to curl up together in a soft, comfy spot, whether it’s a blanket, couch, or – especially – on top of you! They love each other as brothers do, so we’d like them adopted together. Do you have space on your lap for these two cuties?

Meet Angel and Rambo! The perfect combination of rugged and sweet, Rambo and Angel are a one-of-kind pair of kittens just waiting for a forever home like yours. Around 8 months old, these siblings are sure to make a great addition to your family and, with a love for people food, your dinner table! Though he may come off as a real tough guy, Rambo loves making new friends – even with dogs! Just as warm and friendly, Angel is a beautiful black and white gal with a heart of gold. There’s no place like home for the holidays – can you give these two adorable kittens one?